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by M

his SEPTEMBER please pray with all Archangels, Guardian Angels, my Guardian Angel, all Christian Martyrs, all saved deceased souls my prayer requests to the Lord Jesus Christ and may Christ answer our prayers:

1) For the protection, good health, safety, blessings, a release of all loneliness/self-doubt/fears/stresses/anxieties/worries/curses/negative thoughts and thinking about the past, present and future for myself and my immediate family, extended family and all family pets.

2) For the protection of all property, crops and belongings of my immediate family, extended family and all family pets. May God protect us and our homes/belongings/crops/pets from fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, wind/hail storms, early frost crop damage, natural disasters, human made disasters, electrical/gas/carbon monoxide/ water leaking issues.

3) May unanswered prayers be answered especially those that we desire the most in our hearts and deepest depths of our souls.

4) May Jesus Christ protect us from all evil and evil forces/evil beings/bad spirits, jealous people/jealous forces, fake forces and fake people, may bad wishes/curses spoken over us or spelled on us in this lifetime and on previous generations of my family tree be broken and cast into the fires of hell. May all evil spirits/demonic forces and influences affecting our lives and personal dwellings depart from our dwellings/personal lives and be cast into the fires of hell.

5) May God forgive us our sins and lead us into eternal life and protect us from tragic, sudden, painful, premature death, from terminal illnesses and chronic pain and may we be physically healed from any pains we are currently suffering through. May we have safe travels ( on the road, in the air, on water and wherever we go/pass) and a successful back to work/school month this September and may God send his angels to protect us from all evil, from sudden death, harm, sin, illness, accidents, curses, headaches, obstacles.

6) May God give us the wisdom, faith, determination to overcome all obstacles, crosses and temptations we face in our lives.

7) I pray for the victims of the Church abuse crisis. I pray God allows something to happen to drain the swamp. May the cycle of covering up, hiding abusers stops, as well as the cycle of silencing the victims and those who question the Catholic Magesterium and Dogmas/ laws. May the Catholic Church finally put Christ, His true message of Salvation, our Relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ above human made and human run History/Traditions/ Church Dogmas/Church laws. I pray for the conversion and salvation of all sinners. For men and women to treat each other with mutual respect, love, unity, equality and for an end to domestic violence/abuse across this world and our communities. I also pray that the SSPX, Latin Mass rite Catholics do not take over the Vatican- I have seen and witnessed a disturbing trend of Latin Rite Families in the US South practicing and harboring views that the Duggars share including one internet and youtube group fix families- I have also seen a priest run a disturbing youtube blog called Sensus Fidelium- BASICALLY These people/clergy men/latin rite laity seem to advocate: women treated as property of husbands and fathers, women not allowed to go to college/work outside the home/not allowed to have hobbies and do volunteering outside the home, adult daughters not allowed to leave the house or go on a date or grocery shopping without a chaperone, women forced to wear dresses/cover their hair to attend mass/forced to have long hair- on what they call the Marian dress code/the Mary approved dress, men and women seated separately in some Church services, covering up of incest/sexual abuse/blaming and shame of victims of abuse within their large families as well, they often blame of the lgbt community and the NOVUS ORDO mass and Vatican 2 on the clergy abuse crisis- and believe if we go back to living like in the 1950s/early 1960s that abuse in the Church and problems in the family will magically disappear. They blame women for higher c-section rates- in fact some of these individuals even think doing a scheduled csection is evil, they even believe using contraception for medical reasons is wrong- there is a female catholic blogger on youtube who has a thinned out uterus and could die during childbirth but will not use any protection with her husband eventhough she will most likely die if she has a 5th csection right now and she's spreading the message that to use non-abortificant methods even to prevent maternal death is a crime/evil- she's even compared condoms to having an abortion as well- she has a lot of resentment towards Catholic moms who work outside the home as well and women who choose to not marry as well and she's convinced that only women should submit in marriage and put their husbands always first. Anyways these blogs support a culture of domestic violence and controlling/manipulating husbands and fathers who do not allow their wives and daughters to freely express themselves in any shape or form especially when questioning their authority/control over them. They also place others in danger- because there are medical reasons for having a csection and using contraception- sometimes they defy medical advice in the name of religion- and I feel they are cults and advocating a cultist life style that is dangerous to women and children. They also often support physical punishment and blanket training of young children- so they will hit a baby with a rod or wooden stick if it steps out of its blanket to try to condition it, they will also wash toddlers mouth with soap/detergent to condition them not to say a bad word, they do hit children with belts and physically as well, they do not allow their children to attend mainstream schools and all children are homeschooled, they advocate the only job a mother can have is to teach their children and they make claims that if we revert to the good old days that everyone will be happier and more moral then they are now- even though the abuse of children, sexual exploitation, adultery, fornication, homosexual sex acts, prostitution/human trafficking/slavery has been happening since the beginning of time and has nothing to do with the fact women can go to university and work outside the home or run businesses. If you are not sure why I am praying about the children, women, and victims of such movements please google the Christian Patriarchy Movement, ATI/Gothard/Duggars/Pearls/Institute of or in basic life principles in Illinois/ Fix the family in Louisiana/SSPX views.

8) May God allow me to marry a Godly spouse and may we raise a Godly child or children together. May we always put God as the head of our marriage and not ourselves and may our marriage reflect the love and servitude of Christ and may our children grow up to know, love and serve the Lord and believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior.

9) May God bless me in my teaching career and thank- God for all blessings he has bestowed upon me, my family/friends and family pets.

10) I pray for an end to war, conflict, terrorism, abortion, sexual violence/crimes/human trafficking, abuse, poverty, hunger, injustices, inequities in this world. I pray against the negative causes and influences of globalization, the one world order, and policies which harbor anti-Christian attitudes and put Christian History, Tradition, Custom, Beliefs, Morals, Christian countries at risk. May people turn away from sin and repent of their sins and discover a loving saving God who gave up his only Son so we could have eternal life.

11) I pray for Christian Unity and respect and understanding among Christian denominations, Christian Leaders and Christian Nations.

12) I pray for the forgotten, the vulnerable, the sick/homeless/disabled/the hungry/those thirsting for justice and inflicted, those suffering through pain and personal problems or inflicted by demons/evil/ the negative behavior of others around them. Those suffering through addictions/mental illness or living with people with addictions or mental illness.

13) I pray for all your prayer requests.

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