Prayer for good luck 

Here is the Prayer for good luck sample to guide and help you as you pray.

We believe he the scripture that God is good and want the best out of us.  Since God cannot force you to do something, it is only the devil who is out to harm us.

That is why we need to go to God and allow Him to manifest His power through us.

One way to keep in touch and remain connected through His power is by prayer. Prayer is the key the key to everything.  In our page here we have samples that can guide and help you pray

Let us pray now now 

Prayer for good luck

Prayer for good luck 

My heavenly Father through the name of Jesus i come before you with thanksgiving in my heart praising you at this hour for your much you have for me. I want to thank you for allowing me to call upon you. This morning have woken Up to attend for an interview that had applied in Mot-com company,May your grace go with me,May your favor be upon me as I answer questions from the panel. Teach me how to give an answer in season as your word has promised me, thank you for going before me and opening a door that no man can shut,I praise and rejoice in you forever in Jesus name. Amen


Dear loving a joy in my heart to come before you at this week hours of the day,in the name of our Lord Jesus I want to praise and honor your name, I humbly follow the footsteps of my master Jesus whom while on earth would wake up very early in the morning to pray unto you. Am doing exactly that before I set my foot outside the house to conduct the business and work of the day, May I have favor and good luck that only comes from you,thank you for your love and care,open my eyes during this day so that I can see what you have in store for me today.  I will honor you forever because you are with me always. Thank you for answering my prayer in Jesus name. Amen


Oh God,  what a beautiful morning that have seen this morning,  I come before you through the mighty name of Jesus thanking you for your mercies that you have renewed this morning,as I set out of the house, protect me with your everlasting hand that never fails. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe. Amen

Prayer for good luck 

good luck prayer

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