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Are you in need of blessings from God,let us have your name below here so that we can join you in prayer.

We know from the scripture that God hears our prayer and is ready to answer always when we call upon Him.

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Blessing prayer request

Oh God, through the mighty name of Jesus i come before you with thanksgiving in my heart, praising you for your mercies and goodness you have for me, thank with the many things that you have blesse me with this,  I don't take anything for granted,  your grace is sufficient to carry me through, I can't count and finish what you have blessed me with,  you have given me free air to breath which I don't pay for,you have given me the free gift of life, your lighten my day, yout blessed me with much resources, everywhere  I turn, I just see your goodnrss,you have blessed my hands with work that brings glory to you, what can I say a part from giving you honor and glory. Thank you Lord in Jesus name I pray and believe.  Amen

Heavenly Father through the precious name of Jesus,  we want thank you for this wonderful day that you have enabled to see, as a family we are happy to gather here this morning to thank you for the blessings you have given each and every one of us,we have joy in our hearts for the gift of life, as we set out each of us in his or her way, we call upon the heavenly angels to take care of us, bless as we grow out and when we come in, thank you for your unfailing promises you have fot,be with us as you said for we pray and believe in Jesus name.  Amen

God of love through the name of our Lord Jesus I want to thank for waking me up this day full of life ready to go out and do the work you have blessed my hands to perfom, I seek for  divine guidance and protection be upon me.may your favor be with me in all the people will encounter and meet too,shower me with much blessings as you have promised in Jesus name I pray and believe.  Amen

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