closing prayer for prayer group

Here is the closing prayer for prayer group to download to help you in the upcoming prayer group you are going to have, find the closing prayer in our pages below here

We have prepared the closing prayer below here which you can have a look at and also there a PDF file that you can download and read it during the meeting you will have.

closing prayer for prayer group

Dear loving Father in heaven, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we come before your presence at this moment, thank you for allowing us to be here in this meeting, thank you for bringing each and every one of us to this prayer group, thank you for your grace that is sufficient, it is you who purposed for us to have this prayer together, as we cast our cares to you we pray that you receive our petitions that we have made to you, thank you for leading us this far, thank for the prayer that we have made together, a time has come when we want to depart from you, we pray that you bind us with cords of love that can never be broken, continue making us to depend on you, thank you for hearing our prayer in Jesus name we pray.Amen

closing prayer for prayer group

Thank you Lord for your love and care

closing prayer for prayer group

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