congress opening prayer

Here is the congress opening prayer that you are looking for to help you prepare and offer an opening prayer for the congress you are going to have soon as youths or any other group.

Dear loving Father in heaven, in one accord we want to come before your presence as youths who have found time to attend this congress, through the name of our Lord Jesus, we want to call upon you at this hour before we begin this meeting, we invite for your presence to abide with us as begin to the end, thank you for the promise you have given us in your word that you will be with us to the end of the world, thank you because you are faithful to it, thank you for each you youth who found time to come and attend this congress, I pray that you bless each one of us, give us good health so that we can always praise and serve the purpose you gave us when you created, we also pray for the facilitators of this congress, thank you for the love and care that you have to each and every one of us as we begin be with us until the end of the congress for we pray believing in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

congress opening prayer

congress opening prayer

congress opening prayer

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