Fasting and prayer for breakthrough

Here is the guideline of fasting and prayer for breakthrough that you can have a look at that can guide you from the beginning to the end and what you need to do.

You can watch the video that we have prepared concerning doing fasting prayer for a breakthrough, you can watch it or read further down to get a better picture concerning the same.

As you fast and pray for results, there are few points we want to share with so that you can see the hand of God in your situation, I don't know exactly what are going through in your life but be sure God is in control over your situation, just surrender to Him and let Him fight for you.

Let  us what you need to do during this fasting prayer that you are beginning or already begun.

  • Set your mind and heart on the Lord.
  • Make a preparation for the fast, you need to know whether you are going to do a full fast, partial fast, dry fast and so on.
  • Dedicate time for prayer and should be a quite place, that is why I prefer if you can find a place where you can connect with nature so that you can be a lone or with someone who is joining you for a fast.
  • It is good during this period that you are fasting, you journal  what God is saying, the essence of us fasting is to listen more to the Lord and reduce our anxiety of life, therefore have a pen and a book where you can write, what the Lord is saying to you.
  • Have the Bible with you and if possible be equipped with bible verses that are promises from God during this period that you are fasting.
  • Make sure you are listening what the Lord is saying, that is why you need time a lone during this fasting period.
  • Stay put till you finish the days you allocated for the fasting.

fasting and prayer for breakthrough

fasting and prayer for breakthrough

Heavenly Father, I pray for my Sister who is experiencing difficult life right now, she is reading this prayer and want to remember her in my prayer, you know here how life has turned currently, she needs your intervention right now, may you help her to get the issue solved so that she can have the peace that she has always desired for, thank you because you are a faithful God and have promised that you will answer the desires of our heart, may you help her in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

fasting and prayer for breakthrough

Oh God who is in heaven, let me take this precious moment to remember my brother Robert who is searching for a job, I stand in the gap so that you can fulfill his desires, may you soften the heart of the employers so that he can be able to get the dream job, thank you because your mercies always follows us and is renewed each morning, thank you for hearing and answering our prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.amen 

fasting and prayer for breakthrough

Fasting is very important in our Christian life. Those who have embraced fasting prayer in their lives,  they have mined nuggets that you cannot find anywhere else. As we encourage you to fast, let you know that God want you to have a close relationship with Him.

fasting and prayer for breakthrough

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