Five types of prayer according to the scripture

There are five types of prayer as highlighted in the bible and commonly known in the body of Christ, knowing them will enrich your prayer life.

We are going to discuss them below here

how many types of prayers are there?

Here are the most common types of prayers we have in the bible because many Christians always want to know how many types of prayer.

five kinds of prayer

Below is a discussion concerning the five types of prayers mentioned in the bible, look at them and may the good Lord keep revealing Himself to us.

five types of prayer

According to the book of Timothy Paul different types of prayer. Let us read.

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people(1 Timothy 2:1)

We are going to talk each type of prayer separately so that you can have a deeper understanding and help you to keep on making prayer request to God always without growing weary. 

The types of prayer highlighted here is just a summary but the most important thing for you to understand what is prayer and why God urges us to pray always for all people.

examples of the five types of prayer

Blessing and Adoration prayer

In this type of prayer, one is supposed to come before the presence of God with praises by acknowledging the greatness of the Lord, A prayer of faith is an example of adoration.

Take your time to praise God for who He is.

Thanksgiving prayer

When it comes to the prayer of thanksgiving, one is supposed to give thanksgiving.

Just thank God for what He has done to your life.

Majority of Christian have majored or only notice what they lack but don't see the much the Lord has given them.

If you look around you,you will see a lot including the free oxygen that you are breathing, ask yourself if you were paying for it, would you manage to pay.

Let us take time to thank our God because we live through His grace.

Praise prayer

This is a prayer in which we give God glory for the many things and many wonderful works done to our life.

If you read the book of Psalms it is full of praises.

Praise God in prayer for the victory given through Jesus Christ.

Actually it is done deal and we have nothing to pay back but only to praise God for fighting on our behalf.

What we need to do is to stand still and wait upon the Lord to go before us..Look at this verse in Exodus 14:14..The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Praise for the victory you have been given through Jesus Christ.

Intercession(Supplication) prayer

This is a prayer where we pray on behalf of our family and friends, God to meet them at their point of need.

When you pray, do you remember to mention others in prayer.

God has directed us to always pray for others.

Petition prayer

This is a type of prayer whereby you ask God to fulfill a need in your life

5 types of prayer examples

what are the 5 kinds of prayers

The types of prayer

Different types of prayer

This is a prayer where we bring our requests to God on behalf of ourselves,family,friends

Each type prayer as taught and revealed in the bible will help you to resist any wile and tackle of the devil.

Many other places you hear people of God talking of four main types of prayer and others talk of seven types of prayer.

And on the lower side they talk of 3 types of prayer but it is good for me and you to know of different types of prayer so that we can be encouraged to pray always.

How many types of prayer do we really have? or what are the five types of prayer?

Just keep on reading and we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us. We are going to discover in the bible how many types of prayers we have and is it really important to be so much concerned with  knowing the types of prayer given.


Here in our page we are a prayer ministry that specializes in prayers only. We help you to make a prayer request and other believers from around the world will join you petition our lovely God in heaven.

You are guaranteed a support from others as you pray.

We also help you to understand prayers better and make it known the prayer mission of Jesus. It is Jesus who said that we ought to pray always and not faint.

In order for us to reach a state whereby you pray without ceasing, you need to be taught what is prayer and why it is very important for you to pray to God always.

That is why as you get to understand the five types of prayer we have in the bible. We need to be motivated always to pray.

You have heard many other times people being encouraged to pray and if you do a follow up you will find many people have given up in their prayers and because they don't want to be seen out of context with others. We always want to feel a sense of belonging,they just say that they are praying.


In real sense they are not actually praying. That is why we came up with this ministry to address this need and also bridge the gap that has been neglected for long.

People are not taught before they are asked to pray. If you search for many ministries that deals with prayers including individuals majority have not gone an extra mile that we here have got to. We are concerned with what we are seeing around and what we have experienced before.

This is the goodness to all of us around the world and as the world changes we need to pray more and we cannot pray more if we don't put our heads together and take this head on. We need to know why we are supposed to pray and why prayer is very important to a believer.

Making a prayer request to God opens the flood gates of heaven for the blessings.

types of prayer in Christianity

5 types of christian prayer

types of prayer in the bible

five types of prayer and their discussion

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