Marriage healing prayer

by Jakequlynn Cleveland
(Bay city tx matagorda)

Heavenly father, I decree blessings, favor prosperity and healing over my life and childrens. I pray divine intervention into my marital life. I pray any marriage destroyers are put to shame and they are returned 7x what they deliberately tried to do to me. I pray this circle of death orchestrated by the school and the city becomes a circle of blessing for me and my family. I pray that the cancer and whatever harmful cells and bacteria in my body dry up and I am healed. I'm praying that whatever curses spoken over my life Nehemiah 13:2 a curse shall become a blessing. I pray all racial epitomes be exposed. Any abuse retaliation exploitation I will be financially compensated for. I pray those trying to abuse and steal property and inheritance from me are exploited, abused and retaliated against..just as they have done me. Mercissilessly and unjustified. I pray if I'm being punished for something without due the Hispanic woman working for allied universal Phillips 66 said, the same would return to them. I pray those attacking me would turn on each other. And what the enemy meant for my evil in my life would turn into a blessing. I pray if I'm being neglected proper medical care due to lies and racial will be publicly exposed. And any lies about my children that are being told..the truth will come out publicly. And any women having affairs with my husband will be publicly humiliated the same way they did me. 979 318 1230. I pray if my husband was working against me to harm will be exposed. If his intentions were to harm and use will be exposed publicly as corrupt criminal activity. They have my phone and ip address everywhere. And he is lying about the women he is sleeping with. So I pray for exposure into the enemies camp. None of this had to be done. It was a racial show and abuse of power and healthcare. When all you had to do was keep your hypocratic oath and treat accordingly and privately as husband and wife. So I pray God exposes him if he was working as my enemy instead of my marriage partner. The teachers, trs needs to be exposed And caused all this. Now trying to cause a casualty behind something that could have been treated when we were together. but they informed him And tried to get him in on their scheme. My tests came out negative. Both. But these racists are still trying to exterminate us...instead of treating us properly And turning us against each other. While trying to steal my inheritance from my moms trs And my grandmother's house she wanted me to have. These teachers at linnie Roberts Elementary and racist nurses conspired to do this to me. Pray for this to be exposed And the motive behind it all!!! And to disband so chains of infididelity and soul ties to other women. Who are trying to husband. Mostly Hispanics. And I thank God for marriage recovery...and restoration of my family. Prayer if Im being abused medically for it to be openly exposed. And a hedge of thorns over any women commuting husband..and any stating forces, witchcraft attemptii g to encampment around me, block me from getting the care I need and demonic Dr. who initiated all this abuse towards ME and no one else. It's really racist.And pray the adultress women hes sleeping with are exposed openly. He's lying saying he's only sleeping with me. Expose all of them. Allow them to get what they did to me. And instead of treating me fairly they are lying going around calling me a client A and I'm dying. They are neglecting me medically to cover their fraud. If inhave aids treat it. But they dont want white and Hispanics caught up in it. So they are abusing me. And lying saying it's about taxes. Melissa Carol...carol at the rich or state school. And I heard matagorda regional is holding me hostage and having others neglect me medical care I need cause of my husbands adultery.

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