personal prayer before class

Here is the personal prayer before class that can help you pray and thank God for enabling you to be in class waiting to be taught, find the sample below here.

Dear loving Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus, I want to thank you at this hour, thank you for allowing me to call upon you, thank you for this precious moment that you have given me, thank you for enabling me to be here in this class, thank you for the gift of life, I take this moment to ask you to help me understand what is going to be taught today, thank you for my teacher who is about to come, together we as you for the grace so that the class can run smoothly, thank you for your goodness, thank you for the promise you have given me that you are always ready to hear and answer my prayer, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of Jesus I pray and believe.amen

personal prayer before class

God of mercy thank you for this day, thank you for this class, thank you for the love you have for me, as the class starts be with me till the end in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

personal prayer before class

personal prayer before class

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