prayer for hope

Here is a prayer for hope if you currently feeling hopeless and don't know what to do.

We want to join you in prayer right now when  things don't see to work in life and the only thing remaining is prayer.

You might have been trying many things and so far feel like you have reached death end and anything all will be gone.

No matter what you are feeling or undergoing right now,there is hope remaining that you can cling. We promise that we are praying for you and know that God knows and understands

We thank Him and we are aware through the scripture that He knows us from the beginning to the end.

God created us for a purpose and are not here by accident.

Below is a prayer for hope that you can join as we pray together.

Heavenly Father,I want to come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus,I want to also thank you for the gift of life that you have given me,I humbly ask for the forgiveness for my unbelief,have not walked according to your word and dear loving Father am asking you to guide and help me so that I can be able to work according to your word,at this hour dear Lord my heart is heavy and feel like am giving up,I feel that my hope is totally gone,I don't if have much strength to keep going but I know you power is with me and shall never leave nor forsaken me,continue lighting my path through your word so that I can walk through it,thank you for giving me your son Jesus Christ to die for my sins I know in him am free and will be able to overcome,thank you Father for your love and care,thank you for the Holy Spirit that is guiding and helping to overcome,thank you for hearing and answering me in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

The secret to living with hope is to remember the promise that God gave us which says...

To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.(Collosians  1:27)

When Christ is in you, you have the hope that overcomes all.

Accept Jesus as the Lord of your life today

prayer for hope

Keep on praying and also remember we are praying for you anywhere you are in the world.

We know the love of God is with us always even to the end of the world.

Keep the hope high and shall overcome.

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Thank you and God bless you

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