prayer for misfortune

Here is the prayer for misfortune sample and guide to help you pray for yourself and family

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Please pray for me. I am desperately needing prayers . Please pray for me and my sisters, brothers and our children. We have been going through trials after trials, rejection after rejection, debt is mounting in our lives, we have been going through fruitlessness after fruitlessness, joblessness and stagnation.

I and my sisters have been In England for over 17 years, I have two University qualifications but I can not find a job at all. My sisters have university qualifications and the others have struggled with completing University because of different challenges that crop up. My youngest sister suffered a mental breakdown nearly 10 years ago and has never recovered since then. Her problem started when she went to University and it always came back each time she tried to go back to University to do a different course. In one episode of her mental breakdown she spoke in an old woman's voice saying that me and my sisters will never succeed or marry. Upto now me and my sisters are not married.

I am tired of being a spinster, I am tired of being in debt , i am tired of thebeing jobless, i am tired of not progressing and feeling like i have wasted nearly 18 years here in England and the time I spend studying. As for my dating life, since i was young everytime i meet a guy things just fizzled out after three dates. I have never had a proper long term relationship really. I have met people who genuinely wanted to settle down but after three dates it is as if something is chasing them away from me. I have had a dream about three times where I saw my step mother and my uncle's wife chuckling at how many who wanted to marry me were running away from me instead. In those dreams my stepmother and my aunty' s faces were appearing in the sky watching my every move and doing something to make men who wanted to marry me become so afraid and run away from me instead. Funny thing is that in real life men come to me in hot pursuit and then get cold feet out of nowhere.

I have prayed and prayed over this situation for years and nothing has changed. Please pray for me. I also have a neighbour whom I believe to be occultic, I have dreamt of her coming into my house and me wrestling with her , I had these dreams at least three times. This neighbour has persecuted me and made my life hell over the years she has lived next to me. I have suffered racial abuse from her and everywhere I have tried to get help has been futile. When I contact the police she lies to them and she gets away with things, when I contact her landlord she even lied to him and I got no help. I have dreamt of this woman who is my neighbour saying to me that her fights against me were not just physical they were spiritual and I would never win. Please pray for this neighbour to move away and be replaced by a good neighbour. In Jesus name thank you for all your prayers. God bless you. Please pray for me to get financially stable so I can sow into ministries like yours that help people like me. Right now i am up to my neck in debt and have no money at all and no where to get any money from . Please pray for me. God bless.

prayer for misfortune

prayer for misfortune

Dear heavenly Father through the name of our Lord Jesus we bring the family of our sister above,may you hear their cries and fulfill the desire of their hearts in Jesus name.Amen

prayer for misfortune

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