prayer to ward off bad luck

Here is the prayer to ward off bad luck out of your life as you give Jesus a chance to live through you. We have a prayer points and samples to guide and help you.

Do you feel like bad luck is following you every where you are and don't know what to do?

Do you feel like something is wrong in your family and want a breakthrough?

We have a solution for you, let us pray God to work things out for you and your family.

Below are the prayer points and samples to help as we pray together over the things that are happening in your life and the family

prayer to ward off bad luck

God of love, it is an honor and privilege to come before you through the grace Jesus Christ.  I take this precious moment to lift up that name Jesus Christ,  a name that we are saved through, I count it a blessing to use that name,dear loving Father i know you know me more than I know myself,  I want surrender myself  fully to.yoj,help me.Father to overcome the spirit of  bad luck that is following me everywhere I go, have tried to do many things bit nothing works, I call upon you God to help me out,  thank you for Hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.  Amen

Dear loving God,  through mercies you have for me, I come before you through  the name of Jesus with thanksgiving in my heart giving you honor and glory. I take this opportunity to thank you for your unfailing love that you have for me, accept my unbelief and help me to believe.  Dear loving  God I know you care and always ready to hear me, I need you Lord to show me the good plans that you have promised in the book of Jeremiah 29:11 that the good plans have an expected and good endings. My heart is heavy and need a breakthrough,  May you give me a sense of direction so that I don't feel down, other times I feel like giving up but when i remember what Jesus did on the cross I get strenght,  dear loving God,  I don't want to walk in the path that leads to bad luck  but want to enjoy the blessings that are in Jesus Christ,  I know loving God that you have answered my prayer in Jesus name. Help me God to see it,open my inner to see the much you have for me. Thank you in Jesus name I pray and believe. Amen

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