Prayers for blessings

Let these prayers for blessings be upon in your life.

My heavenly Father who is in heaven,let me take this opportunity to thank you very much for allowing me to seek for your face at this hour of the day.
I'm very happy and grateful from my heart for your protection. You have been good to me Lord and have given me the free gift of life.
I thank you God for this opportunity you have given me to praise you and glorify for the blessings upon my life.
when I look at how much you have blessed me. I can only say thank you Father. Every morning I wake life and full of energy, you have prepare for me much during the day. You protect me through the day.
You feed me and grant me your grace which is sufficient in my life.
Father your mercies endures forever.Your goodness always follows me wherever I go. You renew my strength every morning.
I'm grateful Lord because I can do all through Christ who strengthen me.
I praise your name always and thank you for hearing me through the name of the Lord Jesus I pray and believe.

Below is another sample prayer for you.

You can petition God using this sample prayer when you wake up in the morning and want to start the day.

May His blessings be upon you in all that you will be doing through the day.

prayers for blessings

Dear Father, What a joy in my heart to open my heart to you at this hour, thank you for allowing me to be called your son/daughter.

You have guided and protected me through the night and have seen another day that have never seen in my life.As I start this day,may the angels you have assigned me be with me and protect me as I go out.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you because you are my God and you have really blessed me with so much until can't complain.
Lord of mercy , who is like you. You are a merciful God.You have protected me from any harm from the adversary the devil. I'm grateful my God.
I start this day, may you be with me in all that is ahead of me and when I return in the evening shall give you honor and glory.
Thank you Lord for hearing and answering me for I pray through the name of the Lord Jesus.

prayers for blessings

My heavenly Father is a great honor to come before you with praises in my heart,
First for whom you are and second for that you have done to my life.
I know that my Father were it not for your mercies,I would not be alive today to rejoice and praise your name.
My King of Kings I want to thank you for the much blessings that are overflowing in my life and want to lift up your name because your mercies endures for ever,
Thank you God for loving me even when didn't know and you even saved me from the great death for your own glory.
Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of the Lord Jesus I ask and believe.

prayers for blessings

My heavenly Father who is in heaven,
I greet you,good morning,
Thank you for helping me to see another day of my life,
A day that have never seen in my life,
I want to thank you for the blessings that you have bestowed upon my life and for the provisions that you have put along the path that I'm walking in.
That you for the countless blessings that I'm experiencing in my life, the gift of life, the friends that I have, the family members that surrounds me,the work that I do and so much free things that cannot take for granted.
My maker let your name be glorified in the heavenly courts and the earth, your mercies endures forever,
Thank you Lord for being my Father and I glorify and praise you forever,

My heavenly King Lord

let me thank you for this opportunity you have given me to come before you,may your grace and truth reign my heart as you inspire my motives and control my actions.

My life is hidden in Christ and whole of myself is emptied in you, bless me and guide me in all my steps.

Thank you Father for I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus,


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