prayers to remove curses

Here are the prayers to remove curses out of your life.

We know how stuck one can be when you feel nothing is moving in your life.

Prayer is moving when applied with faith.

It enables you to stay in the presence of God and be able to desire from Him.We thank you for landing in page.

We are the largest prayer movement in the world right now and our work is to provide resources and guide to help us pray for one another.

As you have started to seek for divine intervention, others of goodwill in the world are praying for you.

Find a friend who love Christ and you can trust him or her and pray together.

You can use the prayer guide that we have given in this page to pray and claim victory that you have in Jesus Christ.

Let us have a look at the prayer guide that can help you as you pray,starting now.

Let us pray.

prayers to remove curses

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me to come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for the gift of life that you have granted me through the mercies in Jesus name, at this hour I want to come claiming the victory that is in Jesus Christ,my life is stuck and feel like there is nothing moving nor getting anything of substance in my life.

I know the devil is holding me hostage because he is the Lord of this world,I confess this sins that were committed by my forefather and the effects is following me today,in the name of our Lord Jesus I cut any link and connect myself to the Lord Jesus,from now hence fort I walk freely knowing that it is no I living but Jesus Christ lived through me and the life that I live, I live through the faith of Jesus Christ, thank you Father for your love and care , may your name be lifted up forever and ever I ask and believe in the name of my Lord Jesus.Amen

Keep on praying the above prayer guide and let it be your habit on a daily basis.

We are praying for you wherever you are.

Just know that through faith, you have been set free and now walking freely knowing that all is well and our loving God loves you.

We are together in this journey and let us have your name and email below here so that we can keep on mentioning your name in our prayers.

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We know the Lord is good always.

Don't forget to find a trusted friend you can pray together and even form a prayer circle and we can be sending you materials to guide and help your prayer life.

God bless you and keep on praying

how to remove curses with prayer

a prayer to break family curse and bad luck.

prayer request for removal of curses

prayers for curses to be removed

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