understanding prayer and fasting

Here is how to understanding prayer and fasting so that you can embrace fasting and prayer in your life so that you can start seeing the results to comes when you pray and fast.

To embrace fasting prayer in your Christian life, you need to understand prayer and fasting because it lifts the lid of your inner to be able to see clearly why this exercise is very important in your spiritual life.

Those who have tried in their lives including myself, we can testify that you will never be the same again.

start by watching the YouTube video we have share below here

If your desire is to know how you can to pray, then we welcome you to our page.

Prayer is the most talked about thing in the world but mostly misunderstood. That is why despite many people being aware of prayer.Actually very few know how effectively they can to pray.

Even Jesus time, the disciples thought they knew how to pray until they saw what prayer did to Jesus and came to him to be taught how to pray.

Our attempt here is to unravel how one can pray for result.

We cannot fervently make a conclusion that we are going to cover everything concerning prayer but we shall try to help ourselves to understand from the perspective of Jesus, what is pray and how we can pray.

The rest of the site covers prayer points to help you pray and also we learn how the bible teaches how to pray effectively

Feel at Jesus feet and let us learn of him because he is our master and the author and finisher of our faith.

May God bless you as you keep your eyes fixed on him.

Below  covers some of the questions asked individually and by others as well as how to pray for your needs

understanding prayer and fasting

understanding prayer and fasting

understanding prayer and fasting

Learning how to pray is a process you can learn and it is easy for you and me if we want to make our prayer life of interest.

understanding prayer and fasting

Once you know how to pray well yourself, then you can be able to start praying for other. We have covered well in this articles how to pray for someone, you can visit the article right now and learn in details.

understanding prayer and fasting

The Bible very clear how often we should pray. We have a number of verses that gives direction on how we should pray. It says..Pray without ceasing(1 Thessalonians 5:17,Luke 18:1)

understanding prayer and fasting

understanding prayer and fasting is the best thing you can do to your life. As we guide you through this important exercise in your life, we believe and trust that God will guide and help you understand prayer and fasting.

how to fast and pray

how to pray and fast

understanding prayer and fasting

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