40 days fasting prayer guide

Here is the 40 days fasting prayer guide to help you plan for it, we shall take you from day one to the end so that you can accomplish the 40 days for the better results.

If you are in need of a miracle in your life, mention it below so that we can join you in prayer for God hears our prayer requests.

40 days fasting prayer guide

Dear heavenly  I take this opportunity to come before you through the name of Jesus thanking you for your mercies and care, my heart is glad that you are faithful to what you say, you have said in your word that you are watching over your word to accomplish what send it to perform. Every father your word itself is a blessing to me and thank you for that. Dear God of recent have gone through difficult period in my life, have tried  my level best and have reached where I feel nothing is working, Lord of mercy have mercy on me so that I can have a breakthrough. I fully depend on you for a miracle for me to move on in life, I know heavenly Father that you have  several ways and  nothing is too hard for you, give a heart that can wait upon you as you sort me out,thank you for going before me and helping me,I give you honor and glory forever and ever through the name of Jesus. I pray and believe. Amen 

40 days fasting prayer guide

40 days fasting prayer guide

Oh God,  I humbly come before you with thanksgiving in my heart for what you done in my life, I want to thank you for the gift of life and for enabling me see another day in my life. Dear heavenly Father you know me and that is why you have remained merciful despite my shortcomings and unbelief, teach me to know more of your will,  at this hour I want to come before you to have mercy on me so that I can have peace, my lucks peace ,since I was retrenched,me and my family we have really suffered economically, we cannot meet our needs, my children are put of school, everything is falling part, we really need a miracle for us to have a breakthrough,, help us God for your own glory, thank you for mercies and goodness that endured forever, thank you for your love and care, we will praise you forever, thank you for answering our prayer in Jesus name we pray and believe. Amen

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