about fasting prayer in bible

Read about fasting prayer in bible as we discuss it below here in our pages so that you can be motivated to start fasting prayer in your life, look at what the Bible say about fasting.

As you learn about fasting in the bible, you can as well listen to the video we have prepared for you down here to save time, you will be able to learn and know more from the bible.

The Bible mentions about fasting and it is an activity that any Christian who want to make her spiritual life a success must embrace.

Let us look at the Bible why Jesus mentions and the reasons why He encourages His disciples to starting fasting when he ascends to heaven.

Background to prayer fasting.

Let take a look at the background of this letter from Paul to Timothy.

The opening verse of 2 Timothy 1:1 clears shows that Paul was the author of the letter to a younger Timothy based in Ephesus while Paul was in Rome towards the end of 60s AD.

Summary of second Timothy at a glance.

Paul is expressing his profound appreciation to Timothy because of his faithfulness to the work of the Lord.

The personal affection that Paul has to him is shown also with the encouragement that he is giving him to continue proclaiming the gospel of Christ. 

Timothy is admonished to remain strong in the grace that God has given and serve him a good solder in the Kingdom.

Paul goes further to remind him of evil times which lies ahead. He tells him that those with evil mind will persist and also takes time to tell Timothy concerning his own life and what is currently happening to him.

He goes further to instruct Timothy to preach the truth and truth alone even when men do not want to hear it.

Finally he closes with a personal remarks whereby he tell him to come to him quickly because Demas has forsaken him for wordly pleasure, Alexander did him great harm and it is only the Lord who stood with him

about fasting prayer in bible

 2 Timothy bible study

Second Timothy 2:11 introduces a formula that is contrasting the faithful christian who will live and reign with the Lord and the unfaithful who will be rejected(12-13)

about fasting prayer in bible


2 Timothy focuses on the presence of false teachers in Ephesus, whereby Paul summons Timothy to join Paul in suffering, Paul goes to explain how the struggle for the apostolic gospel is to be conducted in the face of opposition.


Christology occurs 17 times where the tile "Lord" is used whereby the emphasis is placed in the resurrected Lord, who is a descendant of David( 2 Tim 2:8), while Paul was at Rome, he looked forward to Jesus Christ his Lord for deliverance and strength (2 Timothy 3:11; 4:17-18).

In 2 Timothy bible study the theme of Christology addresses both human suffering and vindication by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christology supports Paul's testimony and assures Timothy that neither suffering nor death poses an ultimate threat to the gospel because Christ rule the Kingdom of God that he came to establish when he died and resurrected whereby Paul was a witness to it

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