benefits of fasting and prayer

Find some of the benefits of fasting and prayer in our pages below so that they can motivate you to start prayer fasting in your life as you grow spiritually.

There is several reasons as to why you need regular fasting in your, once you know the benefits that accompany the activity of fasting and prayer, one will have the guts of starting the prayer and fasting exercise and sticking to the end.

In our pages we are sharing the benefits that comes with fasting and prayer, once you know them will be in a position to fast regularly in the course of your life.

The first benefit is the knowledge that comes when you know that through fasting you will be able to have need of wanting to know about God.

Yes, we understand what you are feeling and that is why you are seeking prayers but you can start fasting it will really help.

We have tried to share with you some of the benefits you will get when you do prayer fasting in your life

You might be experiencing problems and hurdles. God will meet you according to His richness in glory

"I still need prayer for my marriage"

We have got you. Let us pray together now and don't forget to leave your name below here so that we can keep mentioning you in our prayers.

You can share your experiences with us using the contact form that we have given below here.

benefits of fasting and prayer

Here we go, let us pray.

God of mercy through the name of our Lord Jesus we come to you at this hour with thanksgiving in our hearts, thank you for your child who is reading this prayers at this hour. Together we thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to die for us on the Christ so that we can be set free. Your child has visited our page looking for a place so that we can pray together, thank you for leading her to our page and we thank you for the gift of life, thank you for her marriage and thank you for the far you have brought her, whatever she is currently experiencing in her marriage you know it and understand her feeling, we bring her to the throne of grace in that you intervene for her life, you have promised that if we call upon you will hear and answer our prayer, we ask you to hear and answer the prayer of our sister who has been praying to you day and night, we join her right now and giving glory to you for coming to her rescue, we rejoice and glorify in you because you are our only help, right now we know that through your grace our sister will get a breakthrough in her life, thank you for helping her in Jesus name we pray and believe.Amen

benefits of fasting and prayer

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