bible study fasting and prayer

Here is the bible study fasting and prayer that you can have a look at and study to know more concerning fasting and prayer as revealed in the bible, we have given a comprehensive study below here.

In the Bible, we notice that fasting is well spoken in both the old and the new Testament. This shows that this is very  important activity in the human life.

Prayer as one its oldest definitions tries to put it, it is a situation where we "lift up our mind and heart and to God". Its sounds simple isn't? but I promise you it is hard. You can ask why?

Am sure you have come across that definition. Let me elaborate more below here.

The simple answer to above question is that majority of us have a wrong notion of what it means. we always nurse the idea that we can pray when we are not distracted, not angry, not emotionally or sexually preoccupied.

This makes many to think that God is like a parent who wants to see us only when we behave the best.

So, we go to the presence of God only when we have nothing to hide.

Is it familiar to you? We have to be joy-filled and feel we can give God a proper attention in a loving manner, because we don't understand what payer is, we treat God as an authority figure or a visiting dignitary someone you cannot open up to. 

We don't tell God what is really going on in our lives. We tell God what we think He wants to hear.

Due to that, we find it difficult to to pray with any regularity. What happens is that we go to pray, privately or in church, feeling tired and preoccupied, perhaps even angry at something, our hearts and heads being distracted.

The problem is that we are trying to lift up thoughts and feelings that aren't ours.

If we take the subject of prayer seriously and see it as life, then our prayer life will improve and be an energizing exercise.

Pray even if you don't feel like.

bible study fasting and prayer

Fasting mountain

Pray when you darkness ahead of you

bible study fasting and prayer

Simply put it, if you go to pray and you are feeling angry,pray anger. Hope you are getting me.

If you are sexually preoccupied, pray that preoccupation., if you are feeling murderous, just pray murder. don't stop and feel guilty.

Every thought or feeling is a valid entry into prayer. 

what's important is that we pray what's inside of us and not what we think God would like to see inside of us.

what's unfortunate is that, most of us often because we misunderstand prayer, we stay away from it just when we most need it. We try to pray only when we feel good,centered, and worthy of prayer.

But we don't pray precisely when we need it that when we are feeling bad,emotionally down and unworthy of prayer.

bible study fasting and prayer

But all of these feelings can be our entry into prayer. No matter what just pray always. What happens is that we never find the space in our lives to touch what's deepest inside of us and inside of others. 

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