biblical fasting and prayer

Here is the biblical fasting and prayer that we share below here in our pages, have a look so that you can begin your fasting prayer to help you gain spiritually.

Fasting a spiritual activity that if you want to see success in your life you need to embrace and if you have never fasted in your life.

Welcome to our pages where we guide you on how to begin fasting and what you need to do a long the way until you end the fasting that you began.

Biblical fasting as recorded in the bible is all that you need in your spiritual journey.

Let us look below concerning the fasting as we see it in the bible.

biblical fasting and prayer

Dear loving Lord who is in heaven , I come before your presence through the name of my Lord Jesus, am about to open the bible which reveals your will to me, I want to come before you to ask for the Holy spirit that you have promised to give me in abundance to help me understand what am reading, I thank you in a special way because of your love that you have for me that you gave your only son Jesus Christ to save me and set me free, this book am holding speaks of that love and every text reveals your will in Jesus Christ, as I start reading it may you open my eyes to see things as revealed and thank you for your faithfulness that you have for me, I will always praise and glorify you forever for the tender care, let me also learn to walk according to your purpose, I will dwell in your presence forever and for the days that you have given me to live in this body, speak to me now and am ready to listen, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

biblical fasting and prayer

Dear loving Father who is in heaven through the name of our Lord Jesus, we have come together as brethren to study this Holy Bible that speaks of your will, I know without you we can do nothing that is why we depend on the Holy spirit to show and remind us what we are supposed to do, as we begin this study open our eyes of the heart to be able to comprehend what is the purpose you have for all of us, as we begin we commit the speaker who will lead us and as he speaks to us, let the word that you have given him help us to know him better, we shall praise and thank you forever, we are grateful that you always hear and answer our prayers according to your will, thank you for you are near than we can know nor see, your presence with us means a lot and we thank you Father for caring for us, be with us now and forever more for we ask in the name of our Lord Jesus and believe.Amen

biblical fasting and prayer

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