except through prayer and fasting

except through prayer and fasting , learn from our pages why fasting is very important activity in your Christian life and why you need to embrace it and be part of your Christians journey.

Here is a prayer of thanks for answered prayer you received.

This is in response to an answered prayer you have been praying for or what your friends and relatives have been praying about on your behalf.

except through prayer and fasting

My heavenly Father who is in heaven,Let me take this opportunity you have given me to thank you for your love.

Because of your goodness Lord I'm happy to give you honor and glory. Your mercies endured forever. You fight for us and are ready to help us all the time.

Father and my God you cared for me that you have given me free gift of life. I'm breathing because of your grace and mercies.

My heart is melting with gratefulness,no any other a part from you God.

I want to thank you for answering my prayers and thank you once again my Father.

There is no any other place I can run to a part from you God,

I praise you because your hands are always ready to receive me and you listen to me God.

I fall to your feet Father and depend on you to keep me at perfect peace.

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of Jesus I pray and believe.


except through prayer and fasting

Thanking God for an answered prayer is a continues act and you need to do it without stopping or giving up.

Dear Lord,Let me take this chance to thank you for allowing me to call unto you. You have told me in your word that I call you and you will hear and show me great and unsearchable things that I don't know.

My heavenly Father I know that your ears are open and ready to hear me. Thank you Lord for your love and grace.

When I called you,you answered my prayers and I'm grateful

Our Father who is in heaven,We come before you through Jesus, full of joy in our hearts. We are joining our friend_____________who requested we pray for her/him.

We join her/him at this hour in giving you thank for an answered prayer.

King of kings thank you because you are a good God.

Thank you Father for your love for we pray in Jesus name.

except through prayer and fasting

It is good to involve others to join you in prayers.

This is a good practice because its God who told us to pray for all people.

That is one of the reason we have this prayer ministry so that we can also join you in giving thanks to God for an answered prayer.

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