fasting prayer for marriage

Here is the fasting prayer for marriage that you can have a look at so that can be guided on how to pray and fast for your marriage to work and allow God to lead you.

Below is a Christian prayer for married couples or those who are intending to marry soon.

As a ministry we are praying for you and we ask our heavenly Father to keep you at perfect peace as you learn to trust and wait upon Him for everything.

May the the will of God be done in your lives and live a happy life full of blessings from God.

Thank you for visiting our page and ministry, we are praying for you and may our good Lord be with you and your partner forever and ever more.

Let God be the center of everything.

You are in our payers and we are praying for you.

fasting prayer for marriage

God thank you for giving me this precious moments to pray to you, thank you for the love you have for me a sinner who has been bought by the blood of Jesus, I come before you through the name of Jesus, thanking you for allowing me to call upon you, you have a good plan for us as a couple and we trust for your providence,teach us to walk according to your plan and above all may our eyes remain upon you in everything we do,  we might have different views concerning life but it is you who has the final say concerning our life, without you we can do nothing, help you to learn to depend on you, we are here in this marriage as partner and are supposed to compliment each other, we thank you for the promise that you will never leave nor forsake us, may we learn on how to handle each other and also have forgiveness in our hearts, we thank you for your mercies and goodness that never fails, we trust that you word is the lamp into our feet and shall guide and show us where we are supposed to step as we walk together, we ask you to give us patience to always wait upon thee so that you will give us the direction we are supposed to walk in, thank you for your ear is always ready to listen to us, humble us so that we can carry the purpose that made us to be together, we thank you always for being good to us and we shall honor and praise you forever in Jesus name we pray and believe.Amen

fasting prayer for marriage

fasting prayer for marriage

Let the love of God be with you always.

Keep praying and pray always without stopping. Prayer is the key to everything.

fasting prayer for marriage

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