morning prayer in workplace

Here is the morning prayer in workplace that you can join a long as you seek the divine protection of God while at your workplace.

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, I humbly come before you this morning, thank you for enabling me to be at this place that you have blessed me to be, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve, I ask you for your strength so that I can serve with much diligence, guide me to be a resource to the company, protect me from any harm and danger, let us work in harmony with my fellow workers, give a heart that is humble, I trust because your presence is with, as I start the work this morning be of great help to me, I don't know what is a head of me but I full surrender to you to take care of all activities, thank you for your love and care, thank you for your goodness Father, be with me through this day, for I pray believing in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen

morning prayer in workplace

Oh loving Father who is in heave, it is with much joy to be in your presence this morning, thank you for leading me here at this hour of the morning, am very much privileged to call upon you while sited at this place because you hear, your hear through the mercies you have in Jesus Christ, before I do anything I want to bring my requests unto you this morning so that you can take hold of everything that is ahead of me, I know that without you I can do thing, I fully trust in your power and ask you to go before me so that you can help me do all that is required in this place, let everything that passes through my hands prosper and bring glory to you, give me an excellent spirit so that whoever passes through my hands will feel your presence with me, may I follow the path that you have laid before me so that I can find victory in you,I know you purposed me to be in this place, may I be your servant and a witness too while working here, I want to pray and remember for those who we are working together in this place, may we treat each other well and let your love always flow through us, let us be a blessing to this company, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

morning prayer in workplace

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