prayer before work

Looking for samples for prayer before work?

Here are the examples to help you as you prepare for protection and guidance in your workplace.

We are also praying for you and may our good Lord protect and be with you in all that you do and wherever you are at this hour.

prayer for work

My heavenly Father, let me take this opportunity you have given me to come before you, thank you for making me see another day, thank you for the gift of life and thank you for the mercies, dear loving Father I want to pray that you enable me get a job so that I can be able to sustain myself while on earth, may I find favor upon the people you have positioned on the way so that I can be rewarded with the Job,thank you for your goodness in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

prayer at work

O Lord, I'm grateful to see another day and thank you for making me be here at my workplace, thank you for the mercies you have accorded me and thank you for the people we are working with here, thank you for the many opportunities that you have granted to us and even as we begin working we know that you are with us.Thank you for the faithfulness and be with us all through in the name of our Lord Jesus I pray and believe.amen

opening prayer for work

Lord of mercy,what a joy in my heart to see this day, it is my your mercies and grace that have managed to see another day,thank you for the gift of life and before I start serving in the work that you have blessed my hands to do, want to thank you for the grace that is sufficient upon my life, may our find favor upon each and every person whom shall serve today and protect me from any spirit of the devil that will cause anger,jealousy and dissension among ourselves in this place. let your will continue being manifested through the name of our Lord Jesus.Amen  

prayer before work in office

Heavenly Father, through the name of our Lord Jesus, Want to thank you and praise you for the mercies, I want to commit this work that you have blessed my hands to do and may it serve well those who have designated to help in Jesus name I pray and believe,Amen

prayer before work meeting

short prayer before work

prayer before meeting at work

prayer for protection at work

prayer for work guidance

prayer for work position

prayer for retirement from work

prayer for work day

afternoon prayer at work

Dear loving Father, thank you for giving me this chance to speak to you at this hour, I give you honor for your love and care, as I go back to continue working, may your presence go with me in Jesus name.amen

work morning prayer

prayer about hard work

Christmas prayer for work party

We hope the above samples have served you well.

Let us keep on praying and we thank God for the faithfulness.

We are praying for you and shall continue to pray for you.

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