opening prayer before meeting

Here is the opening prayer before meeting that can help and guide you as you lead in the opening prayer for a meeting you are about to have.

Dear loving Father in heaven, through the mighty name of our Lord Jesus, we come before you at this hour with thanksgiving in our hearts,praising and glorifying you for the love you have for us, thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to come together as a company to deliberate on issues that affect our company, thank you for promising us that your presence is always with us to the end, we honor and praise you for the care and love that you have for us, thank you for each and every one of us who is here, we ask you to help us agree on the issues, fill us with the Holy spirit and also give us wisdom and knowledge to be able to tackle the issues well, as we begin this meeting may your mercies lead us and your goodness be with us until we finish for we pray and believing in the name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

opening prayer before meeting

opening prayer before meeting

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