pray to start fast

Here is how to pray to start fast that you have planned to begin, find prayer and guide in our pages below here to help you start a fasting that you always wanted to have.

Below are just prayer samples to help pray a long as you develop a prayer life lifestyle. Let us not forget that we ought to pray always without ceasing

pray to start fast- morning prayer

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, have seen another morning, want to come before you with thanksgiving in my life,asking you for your divine guidance as I go out of the house this day to perform various activities, go before me and open doors for me that no man can shut for I pray pray believing in Jesus name.Amen

pray to start fast- evening prayer

Oh God, through the name of our Lord Jesus, I want to take this opportunity to thank you at this hour for your tender care, thank you for protecting me from the evil one during this day, thank you for leading and guiding me in various places that I visited, now that have come to my house I want to praise for bringing me back safely to have a rest and start another day tomorrow, be with me during this long night and give me sweet dreams as I sleep, I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name.Amen

pray to start fast - mid day prayer

Lord of mercy, this is the middle of the day and have come here to my regular place to seek for your face at this hour knowing that you hear me in Jesus name, thank you for the far that you have brought me, thank you for giving me the peace of mind that you have you promised me, have remained with half of the day and don't know what is ahead of me, I take this opportunity to ask you to guide and protect me through you angels, as I go back to continue with the rest of the day's work be with me and my fellow workers, thank you Lord for your goodness, be with us until we finish for I pray through the name of our Lord Jesus,amen

pray to start fast

Dear Lord, we as a family in this work place, want to take this opportunity to come before you at this hour of the day to seek for your divine guidance and protection, thank you in a special way for helping us to accomplish our work well, as we plan to go home and rest in preparation for tomorrow be with us always as you have promised for we pray and believe in Jesus name.amen

pray to start fast

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