prayer after meeting teachers

Here is the prayer after meeting teachers that you can pray along as you thank God for allowing you meet teachers, find the prayer below here.

Oh God in heaven, through the name of our Lord Jesus, we are humbled once again to come before you at this hour after allowing us to have a fruitful meeting with our teachers, it was a wonderful meeting and we count it a blessing because of your love and care, thank you for bringing us together so that we can exchange ideas and also share ideas, we are very much privileged for the rare occasion, now that the meeting is over and we are about to disperse we pray that you take care of us as we leave this meeting, protect and take of each and every individual who found time to be here, thank you for the gift of life, bless us more and even our families, when such a meeting will be called again bring many of us again, thank you for the promise that your presence is always with us, thank you for the mercies and your goodness endures forever, as we go now , let us see your hand in what we have discussed here today, thank you for hearing and answering our prayer in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

prayer after meeting teachers

Thank you loving Father in heaven, we honor and praise you forever.

prayer after meeting teachers

prayer after meeting teachers

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