prayer and fasting plan

Here is the prayer and fasting plan that you can download to help you plan for a fast, we have guided you in the plan from the beginning to the end, what you need to do and how to keep going with your fasting and prayer.

This thank you lord prayer is for you and those that you love in life as you lift up your voice and connect to the heavenly gates where our Father resides.

This free sample below here will guide you as you connect yourself to God through prayer.

You can now pray

My Father who is in heaven,

I want to thank you for being my Lord,

Thank you for allowing me to be called your daughter/son,

I come before you through the name of Jesus that you have given us

As I start this day,want to ask to provide me with your divine protection, you have promised never to live me nor forsake me.

My Father I trust in your word and have faith in it.

I resist any plan of the devil and evil ways that have been planned during this day.

Lord mercy I know your mercies endures forever,

You are loving,

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of Jesus have prayed and believed.

prayer and fasting plan

It is the Lord Himself who gives as the direction on how we should pray always.

He says to those who believe in Him,should never be anxious but always make prayers requests accompanied with thanksgiving.

Look at this promise of the Lord here.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God(Philippians 4:6).

Therefore when you thank the Lord you are in line with His commands and operating in obedience.

prayer and fasting plan

Lord of mercy,what a joy to come before you with thanksgiving in my heart,
as I enter into the gates of heaven with praises in my heart,let your name be glorified forever,
You have woken me up to see another day, As I get out to fulfill the purpose you created me for,
I want to thank you and praise you forever my Father,
I cant take for granted the many things that you have given me in my life,
You are a wonderful God,
You faithfulness endures forever and your blessings follows us forever,
Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers in the name of the Lord Jesus,

Another thank you lord prayer below here.

prayer and fasting plan

My heavenly Father who is in heaven,
Let me take this chance you have provided me to say thank you,
I give you honor and glory for your care,
You have told me to cast my care unto and I do that,
I receive all that you have given me through Jesus and thank you very much
Continue protecting me and revealing all the plans you have for me through the name of the Lord Jesus I pray and believe.

prayer and fasting plan

thank you lord prayer

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