prayer before starting work

Here is the prayer before starting work that you can use to pray before you starting working at your workplace. Find the prayer in our page below here

Find the prayer that you can pray before start working at your workplace.

prayer before starting work

My Father and Lord, thank you for the day that you have made me to see, I come before you through the name Jesus is Lord, thanking you and praising for thy faithfulness, thank you for your mercies and goodness, thank you for the gift of life and thank you for the protection, thank you for the work and the blessings. Be with me as I go out and when I come in. thank you for answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray. Amen

prayer before starting work

Dear loving Father, we have come before you this morning in your presence with thanksgiving in our hearts,through the name of our Lord Jesus, we have joined our hands together as colleagues asking for your divine love and guidance in this office, help us to learn how to handle each other and above all give us wisdom to know how to serve our customers,thank you for hearing our prayers in Jesus name.Amen

Dear loving Father, in the name of my Lord Jesus,I want to thank you for enabling me to see this beautiful morning in my life,am very happy to be a live because of your grace,as I prepare for this day and also the work a heard of me and the activities of the day want to commit them to your able hand so that whoever will be serving this day may I find your favor in each and every one who will come in contact with me,continue protecting and guiding me through the name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

prayer before starting work

Dear heavenly Father,thank you for making it possible for me to see another, am about to start the work that you have blessed my hands to do, I want to ask you to guide and show me what am supposed to do, protect me from any manner of evil that has been planned against me,thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name.Amen

Dear loving Father in heaven, through the name of our Lord Jesus,want to thank you for allowing me to be here at work this morning, as I start working this time,may you be with me in Jesus name I pray.amen

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