prayer for my family

Here is the prayer for my family that you can pray a long so that God can protect and keep you in unity as a family.

Loving Father in heaven, it is with great joy to come before you with thanksgiving in my heart, I thank you for the far you have brought us as a family, thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to call upon you, thank you for your grace that is sufficient for us to be a live at this hour that we are able to praise and give you honor and glory,Loving Father am praying that you plant your grace in our hearts so that we can learn how to trust and only hope in you, in whatever we do, may it bring glory to you,show us the way and lighten up the places we step in each day,thank you for your presence that is with us always, protect us from the schemes of the devil and let us remain safe in your hands always, thank you for answering our prayer through the name of our Lord Jesus we pray and believe.Amen

prayer for my family

may the love of God be with your family always

prayer for my family

Oh God in heaven, I want to bring my children to your able hands at this hour of the morning, thank you for enabling us to see another day, thank you for protecting us through the night, this is another day that you have blessed us and we shall rejoice in it, thank you for the grace that you have given us freely, as we start this day and we go to each place that you have purposed us to go, my children are going to school and myself am going to work, I ask you Father to take care of my children while at school, let nothing hurt them, may your angels surround and not only them but also all the children who are schooling, help them to understand what the teachers will be teaching them and when the day ends we shall honor and give you glory, I also ask you to take care of me as I go to work so that I can earn a living and take care of these children that you have placed in my hands, guide and protect me while at work, any schemes of the devil at my workplace may be defeated in Jesus name, when we meet together in the evening as a family today, we shall honor and praise you, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name.amen

prayer for my family

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