prayer requests for marriage reconciliation

Below is the prayer requests for marriage reconciliation samples to guide and help you pray

No matter what you are currently facing, God will intervene in your situation and make things work for you.

We are praying for you and trust that God will do exactly as you heart desires.

prayer requests for marriage reconciliation

My heavenly Father, I come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus knowing that you hear me through that name, may request Father to you is that I was married to a beautiful wife whom you blessed us with lovely children and we stayed together for 10 years until the devil came in between and we started growing cold to each other, we tried talking to each other but nothing was coming forth, one day my wife woke up and carried everything that she believed were hers and she left me with the children, we were shocked the following morning when we found her not in the house, she had woken up to prepare us breakfast but she decided to leave never to come back, she only called later to tell me that I will never see her again because she has started her own life, dear loving God, my heart is shattered so far and don't know what to do, have tried to beg her to come back and even sending people to ask her to come back we live together but she has stood her ground and have said she left me forever, after have tried all now I feel helpless because even the kids are now aware that there mother left me, what should I do Lord, am asking you to soften her heart so that she can give me a chance again and come back so that we can live together the way we used to be, if am wrong the way I was treating her please Lord forgive me and cleanse me from my unrighteousness, set my heart right so that we can get a long well with my wife, I love her so much and want us to be reconciled to her, I pray that you come in between us and give us forgiving hearts so that we can forgive each other, I praise you because you are helping me out so that we be reconciled with my wife, I thank you for giving a heart to wait upon thee as you work things out for me, thank you for your love and care for I pray and believing in Jesus name.Amen

prayer requests for marriage reconciliation

prayer requests for marriage reconciliation

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