prayer times during fasting

Here is the prayer times during fasting that you can pray and will guide you as you do your fasting, this is the prayer guide that we have prepared for you.

My heavenly Father thank you for the time you have given me,

I come before you through the name of the Lord Jesus,that you have given,I want to praise and glorify you for this day you have granted unto me,

Thank you for your protection and guidance that you have provided to me in all the areas of my life and even the one I will walk in, you faithfulness and goodness shall always follow me for the rest of the years that I have in the temporal house that houses me.

Thank you Lord for the grace that is sufficient in everything that I do, I trust your good plans for my life and I know Lord that you will never leave me nor forsake me,

I dedicate everything that I do unto your able hands knowing that your power is flowing though me and everything shall succeed because you are caring and loving God.

prayer times during fasting

my prayer for today example is also below here that you can offer before you start the day.

We know that we need the protection of the Lord and it is good before you do or start anything that you have laid before the day to seek God for guidance and to give you direction as well as the success that you need.

prayer times during fasting

prayer times during fasting

My dear and loving Father who is in heaven, good morning,

Let me thank you for your protection that you have granted to me through the long night until have seen another day,

I start this day, I want to ask you to sent thy angel that you have promised in your word to guide and protect me in the places and the activities that is ahead of me during this day,

My loving Father,I know that you are a caring and loving you bless generation after generation, reveal unto me what is your will and your ways so that I can walk in them.

Dear Lord let your name be gloried and be lifted in nations and all places on earth,

My dear Lord thank you  for being Father,forgive me where I go wrong and correct me so that I can know what you want me to do.

Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of the Lord Jesus I pray and believe.


prayer times during fasting

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