prayer to avoid bad luck

Here is a prayer to avoid bad luck in your life and live freely through the power of God

We believe that you are here in this page so that we can pray together.

Below is a prayer that you can pray along.

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God will see you through.

Here is the prayer to avoid bad luck

prayer to avoid bad luck

My Father and God, what a joy to come before you this morning with thanksgiving in my heart,praising and glorifying you for the gift of life, thank you for allowing me to be a live to give honor and praises.Dear loving Father, I want to thank you for the grace that you have bestowed upon my life and thank you for the people you have positioned in every area of my life to bless me.

At this hour life,I want to bring praises unto you as I enter into the courts of heaven with thanksgiving in my heart. King of kings, what a honor to be called your child and thank you for the mercies that you have accorded in my life,may your name be glorified forever.

Heavenly Father, through the scripture I know that the devil is like a roaring lion moving about looking for anyone to devour and want to thank you for that, precious Father, I take the authority that you have given me in Jesus Christ to resit the devil and the acts in my life, I know the life that I live, I live through the faith of Jesus.

Dear loving Father, through Jesus I know will never be face any bad luck and Lord I know I'm secure in him. I want to ask you to fill me with the revelation knowledge so that I can know what is your will, also give me the spirit of understanding to be able to apply the knowledge that you have given me,thank you for the wisdom that is in Jesus Christ.

Lord of mercy, thank you for the grace that is sufficient in my life, help me to see it and guide me so that I can be strong through your commands.

Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of our Lord Jesus, I pray and believe.Amen

We always thank God for the provisions.

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Otherwise,God bless you and keep on praying.

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prayer to remove bad luck

how remove bad luck by prayer

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