successful fasting and prayer

To have a successful fasting and prayer you need to follow the following guideline that we have given in our page below here, let us show you how to fast and pray successfully.

As you want to learn more about having a successful fasting and prayer. We have also prepared a video that talks about having as successful fasting and prayer. Listen to the 7 steps that will enable you have a success.

We thank God through Jesus Christ that we can now get the results because of Him as we fast and pray.

In this page I'm going to explain how I learn to pray a prayer that get results.

Many Christians do pray and actually majority of us have got a clue that we ought to pray.

But the sad news is that majority have not gotten the results that they want hence if you speak to any Christian around you will fervently tell you that prayer works.

This has remained to be a mileage and many people have remained in denial that the way they are praying is wanting.

Look at an average religious who loves attending church. They do all that is needed including tithing, performing religious activities and so on.Which is good because they are doing what they are told to do.

Ask anyone if they are happy?

By just a look at their faces, one can tell that somethings is wrong.

Deep down their hearts they want something better but they don't know what to do.

since many around her seems to be experiencing the same, she has come to a conclusion that maybe life is like that.

Life is full of suffering and we have to keep up going despite not getting the results we want.

You now resort to a life of mark time.

You pray but don't get the results that you want until your prayer life now has become a routine,an activity you just do to please somebody somewhere or a certain deity who you even don't know.

The question now we need to ask ourselves is this. Is it all that is in life? Is that how God designed life to be.

Absolutely no,

I'm here to talk to you with confidence that we have found ourselves in this state because we are not aware how we are supposed to be.

It is only God who knows us and knows the desires of our hearts and you can increase your confidence by knowing how to pray with confidence.

This is not by chance or mistake but by design, you have to decide that I need to do something.

It is not easy but if you want to get the result when you pray, you ought to learn about it.

One reason that today we are not getting exactly what we pray for is because of accessibility  to the information concerning prayer.

Where we get the information about prayer matters a lot. If those surrounding us including the religious leaders and spiritual fathers are not getting results.

There is a likelihood that we shall not also have better results too because of the teaching we get from them.

That is why I recommend anyone who want to get results from the prayer made must depend on God and God alone.

successful fasting and prayer

And God himself has given us the Holy Spirit to be our teacher who will help us in time of weakness as we read here in Romans 8:26 which says.In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through.

If you can start to retrain your mind to depend on God alone, definately I want to assure you that you will start to see results coming from the prayer you.

Because the prayer is not answered when you pray but before you have prayed.

And when you go down your kneels to pray, you just rise us with confidence that what God has promised has already done.

That is why an answered prayer is based on the promises God has made, otherwise if you pray for something that God has not or already promised, you will not get what you pray for.

How to pray for results is a divine science which if anyone want to make her life a success ought to learn.

successful fasting and prayer

Praying for results means receiving the promise God has already made and thanking Him through faith that you have got the results you want.

We can take an example of healing..

Today if someone is sick and want to be healed, the first condition to meet is to hear the good news of Christ that healing has already taken place.Romans 10:17...Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

Once you have heard the message then the faith of Jesus is in you now, you can approach God with confidence that behind the message all the healing is there.

Assure yourself that what God has promised has already done, thank Him even though with your physical eyes can't seeing the healing in your body.

Walk in your heart that the healing has already taken place and rejoice now.

Day and night the power of God in your will bring exactly the healing you desired in the physical components of your body.

No matter the the type of sickness, all was paid in Calvary.

Have seen "good meaning" religious people trying to convince themselves and others that the sickness in their body is meant to humble them before God.

Who on earth enjoys having sickness in their bodies? I don't know.

Therefore it is good to learn how to pray for results so that we can enjoy the redemption in Jesus Christ.

successful fasting and prayer

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