evening prayer and bible study

Looking for evening prayer and bible study guide to help you prepare for personal study

Below is the sample prayer that you can pray when you do a bible study as a family or as individual, even as a group

evening prayer and bible study

God of heaven, let me come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus, thanking you for your life and care, thank you for giving me this precious opportunity to call upon you with thanksgiving in my heart, you have promised me if I call upon you, you will show me great and unsearchable in my heart knowing that you hear me.

Let me also that you for taking care of me through the day, you have protected me from the wiles of the devil and am here to praise and glorify you,

At this hour of the day, I want now to do a bible study and am asking you to send the Holy spirit that you have promised to give me freely, I honor your because your promise is everlasting and I know through this bible study you will reveal yourself to me,

As I sit down to study illuminate to me exactly what am supposed to know, you are more than ready to reveal yourself to me, thank you for everything that you have given me freely.

Be with me now as I do this bible study until I finish for I pray and believing in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen

evening prayer and bible study for the family

Heavenly Father, what a joy in our hearts to come before you as a family to fellowship together and praise you as a family. We lift up the name of our Lord Jesus at this hour because there is no any other name that we can be saved a part from the name of our Lord Jesus.

Thank you Father for the love you have given us as family to have time to come together and listen of you. You have protected us through the day and have brought us together to share in this word that you have given us freely.

Together now we want to study the word that is before us and want to thank for the one who is going to lead us, we ask you in the name our Lord Jesus to guide and give him what to say to us, we commit ourselves to you and ask that whatever we hear today may it stick to our hearts to help us grow according to your will.

We shall honor you always and praise forever. As we begin be with us as you have promised until we finish in Jesus name.Amen

evening prayer and bible study for a family

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