Giving thanks prayer

Looking for Giving thanks prayer to guide you? Find samples below here

Here are your your prayer of thanks samples to guide you as you give thanks to our heavenly Father.

Below are the thanksgiving prayer that will guide you as you pray to God. click on the link and shall be taken to the prayer your want.

Giving thanks prayer

Dear God, thank you for allowing me to come to you through the name of our Lord Jesus that you have given us,

I'm grateful for many things you have done to my life and the life of those who are close and far a way.

When I reflect on the much you have given me I can only say thank you God for everything.

I can only count blessings upon my life.

You have given me free air to breath, free gift of life. As I'm praying right now many have lost there lives. It is not that I'm better than them but it is by your grace that all is happening.

Father thank you for your love that you have shown me since you created me up to day.You created me for a reason and I'm happy to harken into your purpose God.

I praise and glorify you for what you are doing in my life and may your mercies endure forever.

For I pray through the might name of Jesus Christ.


Giving thanks prayer

Below is also a giving thanks prayer.

You know very well the relationship you have with God.

As you hearken into His call the more will be revealed to you.

There is a secret when you keep on giving thanks as you pray.

This prayer can be offered because God has taken care of you through your various activities and you want to remain grateful.

Giving thanks prayer sample

Take your time to thank God for the many things given in your life,just look around you, everything gives a testimony that God is a caring God,

All that we have have been given through the grace of God and not on our own but it is God through His love.

You will live a thankful life if you spend time in prayer always

Through giving thanks prayer,we show gratitude to our creator for the mercies shown to us.

Giving thanks prayer samples:-

prayer of thanks to God


prayer of thanks for blessings

Here is the prayer of thanks for blessings

Everlasting King, what a joy to come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus, praising and glorifying for the love that you have given me through Jesus Christ, thank you for the much blessings in my life and may your name be glorified now and forever more in Jesus name. Amen

prayers of thanks and praise

Here is the prayers of thanks and praise

Dear heavenly Father, let me take this opportunity to thank you and praise for the gift of life, thank you for the grace you have granted to me and thank you for the provision you have for me to be called your child, I will honor you and praise you forever in my life in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

Thank you God for everything prayer

Here is the thank you God for everything prayer sample for you:

Prayer to thank God for the gift of life

Looking for the prayer to thank God for the gift of life sample to assist you? Here is an example for you...

Thank you prayer for friends and family

Getting time to thank God in prayer is best thing you can do in life

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