marriage prayer for couples

Here is the sample marriage prayer for couples that you can have a look at as you pray to God for help.

Spending time in prayer as couples will help you bond well as well as help you to forget your difference.

Focusing on God a lone will bring peace to your marriage life that surpasses human understanding.

That is why we ask you as couples to spend time in pray and leave everything to God to help you out.

As a ministry, we are praying for you and make a special request to you that you can leave your name below here so that we can keep on mentioning you in our prayers.

You can also share experiences in your marriage to encourage someone or something you want others to join you in prayer and will be able to mention you as we pray.

Meanwhile below is the sample prayer that can help as you pray together as couples.

marriage prayer for couples samples

Our God in heaven, we are very much privileged to come before your face as a couple through the name of our Lord Jesus, knowing that there is no any other name that you have given us under the heaven and earth that we can trust that saves a part from the name of Jesus Christ, we know that without you we can do nothing and that is why we have held our hands together as a sign that we have surrendered to you to help us other and show us the way, thank you for everything that you have given us and we believe that your presence is with us always, thank you the grace that you have granted to us despite the differences between us as a couple, we believe that you will bind us with cords of love that can be broken, thank you for the divine guidance and protection that you have given, continue showing us the way that we can walk in so that we can have the peace that surpasses human understanding, we commit everything and our lives to you, forgive our shorting comings and above all hold our hands and walk with us always, we thank you for your presence that is always with us, let us remain in unity and harmony always, thank you for the children you have blessed us with, we shall always remain grateful for the gift of life, thank you for hearing and answering our prayer in Jesus name we pray and believe.amen

marriage prayer for couples

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