morning prayer at office

Here is the morning prayer at office that can help to pray to God to help you start the day with blessings for the day.

Dear loving God who is in heaven, let me take this precious moments to thank you for allowing me to be in this office this morning, thank you for your grace and thank you for the opportunity to be of service to others, I want to thank you for all that you have given me, at this hour of the day, am about to start working on this job that you have blessed my hands to do, I want to commit the activities of this office into your able hands, may you guide and protect me from any harm and danger, thank you for the love you have for me, help me to be humble before all whom I will encounter during this day

morning prayer at office

Dear loving God, we come before you this morning as a team in this office, with thanksgiving in our hearts, thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve in this office,we know that without you we can do nothing, that is why we have held our hands together so that we can seek for your divine guidance before we start working, we commit all that is in this office so that you can direct us, help us to work as a team, we thank you for your presence, any differences that may a rise may it be subdued in Jesus name, thank you for your care and love for we pray believing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Amen

morning prayer at office

Oh God in heave, am humbled by your grace to be here this morning in this workplace that you have blessed my hands to do, thank you for this wonderful opportunity you have given me, Dear Lord I call upon you to inspire me so that I can have the energy of performing the responsibilities that have been given,keep my mind clear and focused to what am supposed to do, may I not be distracted from what am supposed to do,I look unto you to hold my hand and direct me on what is supposed to be done, thank you for your promise that you will never leave nor forsake me, thank you for all that you have done to me, I will forever praise and glorify you, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer through the name of my Lord Jesus I pray and believe.Amen

morning prayer at office

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