office morning prayer

Here is the office morning prayer to help as you seek the divine protection at the office and workplace.

You have arrived at the office this morning.

We want to join you in prayer as you seek for heavenly protection of the office

office morning prayer

Dear loving God who is in heaven, I come before you at this hour through the name of my Lord Jesus, thanking for the journey mercies to this office, you faithful in that you have allowed me to be here this morning before I start working, thank you for your grace that is sufficient upon you, before I start working I commit everything in this office to your able hands, guide and protect me from the plans of the enemy, cover me with your blood so that your peace can prevail, give a clear mind so that I can be able to execute the mandates of this office with clarity, I give you honor and glory because you are a loving God and your presence is with me in this office, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name.Amen 

office morning prayer

Heavenly Father, I come before this morning with gladness in my heart knowing that you hear me, thank you for the opportunity you given me to serve in this office, fill me with wisdom and knowledge to be a good steward, help me to devote all my energy in making sure the goals of the company are achieved, give me understanding so that I can serve other with a diligent and skillful heart, may honor and glory be to you in Jesus name.Amen

Heavenly Father through the mighty name of our Lord Jesus, we have held our hands together this morning in this office as a sign of unity, we are grateful for bringing us together as colleagues here who have a common goal of making this company move forward, without you we are nothing and we depend you for your divine guidance, help us to do our duties with a lot of energy and synergy that only comes from you, open our mind so that we can be effective in all that we do, let us treat each other with love knowing that we are brethren in this workplace, let us commit our mind, soul and body to the work we are given by the management, help us to admit our mistakes so that we can learn, as we start working this morning may your presence be with us until the day ends for we pray in Jesus name. Amen

office morning prayer

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