prayer after bible study

Here is the prayer after bible study that can inspire you as you pray after Bible study

As a prayer ministry we believe that prayer is everything when it comes to bible study and below here we have provided prayer guide that can inspire and guide you as you pray after conducting a bible study as a group as an individual for your spiritual growth.

prayer after bible study as an individual

Dear loving Father, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your love and care that you have granted to be alive at this hour, thank you for this grace that you have provided me through Jesus Christ, thank you for the word that communicated to me the will that you have for my life, I thank you in a mighty way because your purpose is to reveal always yourself to us, thank you for the illumination that you have given me through the Holy Spirit for me to be able to understand what am reading, I want to ask you to open the eyes of my heart so that I can be able to know to walk according to the oracles that you laid before the foundation of the world as revealed by your son Jesus Christ, I will continue trusting you always in whatever I want, fill me with wisdom and knowledge as promised in your word, thank you for your mercies and faithfulness that you are with me even to the end of the world, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

prayer after bible study for a group discussion

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, we have held our hands together and closed our eyes as a group at this hour, coming before you with thanksgiving in our hearts and trusting and believing that you have spoken to us, thank you for the word that we have just read and thank you for the Holy Spirit that has illuminated to us the will that you want us to understand through Jesus Christ, we thank you as a group for making it possible for us to always come together to study this word, may we go out and live according to what we have heard in this word, bless each and every one of us who is present here in this study group, may we be witness of Jesus Christ in far and wide, help us Lord to be able to always understand what we study together, our hope is in you and we will trust in you forever, as we leave now for each one of us to go back to perform duties that you have blessed our hands to do, be with us always and bring us together again to continue studying your word, in Jesus name we pray and believe.Amen 

prayer after bible study

Dear loving God who is in heaven, thank you for the name of Jesus that you have given me freely to call upon it, at this hour I want to thank you for the scriptures that have read that speaks of you, thank you for revealing to me of your goodness that is everlasting, continue speaking to me so that I can know you more in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

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