prayer before a meeting

Here is the prayer before a meeting that is about to take place in an office or at a church meeting anywhere where you have congregated to deliberate on issues of the church.

Below is a prayer to help when you have a meeting in an office

Dear loving God who is in heaven, we humbly come before you at this hour when we are about to start this meeting in this office, we thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you have given us to deliberate on issues, we ask you for Father to help us finish this meeting well, let us put our heads together as you lead us so that we can find solutions that will help us live well and in harmony as we serve the people that need our services, we thank you in one accord that without you we can do nothing, be with us as we begin for we pray and believing in the name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

prayer before a meeting

Below is a prayer for a church council meeting that can help..

prayer before a meeting

Dear loving God who loves us, we are very much privileged to come together as a church council, we thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to sit us to talk and share issues concerning our church, we thank you for bringing us here as brethren, so that we can talk about the agendas that are before us, we know that without you nothing can take place, as we decide on vote on the items, may your love dwell in our hearts, talk to our conscience so that we can choose and stand by the truth and truth a lone, thank you for going a head and showing us what we are supposed to do, this church belongs to you and the people are all yours, help us Father to lead with integrity so that your church can move forward, as we start be with us until we finish for we pray believing in the name of our Lord Jesus.amen

prayer before a meeting

Here is the prayer for annual meeting for a church

God of mercy, we are grateful as a church for allowing us to meet here during this annual meeting, we thank you for leading us this far, it is only last year we were here the same time, again this year we are here, we thank for you helped us to achieve most of the things that we asked as a church, as we brainstorm and also look at other items for this year, we ask you to guide and show us what we are supposed to do, thank you for hearing and answering our prayer in Jesus name we pray and believe.Amen

prayer before a meeting

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