prayer for a healthy marriage

Looking for sample prayer for a healthy marriage to pray a long so that God can keep you together in perfect peace and in love.

Each one of us want to have a healthy marriage. 

To have a healthy marriage can only happen if we learn to depend on God to guide and help us.

That is why we have to learn to commit all to God in prayer. We have prepared sample prayer that you can pray a long.

This is to let you know that we are praying for you and we ask you to keep praying so that God can keep your marriage in perfect peace. 

Here is the sample  prayer for a healthy marriage.

prayer for a healthy marriage

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, we can before you through the name of our Lord Jesus as partners who have started this journey of marriage together, we have just married and don't know what lies a head of us but we know that with you all is well, we have heard many nasty stories from our friends and relatives concerning the marriage life and since we have never been married to know exactly what takes place, we want to let ourselves be in your hand, it can be true or false but we know that you have the final say, we wan to walk with you so that we can have a healthy marriage, set us an example so that many can know that if they walk with you and allow their marriage to be led by you it will be a healthy marriage, we also know that the devil is not happy for us resolving to follow you and will want to bring us down but you have covered with the blood of Jesus and shall depend on you for everything, we also know that you created us different and this difference can bring friction please Lord help us to focus on you and not on our weaknesses, we commit everything to your able hands and continue showing us the way so that we can walk through it, thank you for the word that you have give us to be lamp to our feet so that we can know where talk as you journey through this marriage, we pray that may your will be done always in our lives and teach us to depend on you in everything we do, for we pray and trusting in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

prayer for a healthy marriage

Dear loving God who is in heaven, I come before through the name of my Lord Jesus, thanking you and knowing that you do hear me, thank you for the provision that you have me in Jesus Christ to be called your child, I bring this marriage that you have blessed me to your able hands to make it healthy as you have purposed in your word, help me and my partner to always focus on you as we love each other, help us to depend on you so that we can remain one thing, we honor you and glorify you in everything for we pray and believing in mighty name of Jesus.Amen

prayer for a healthy marriage

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