prayer for job search

Here is the prayer for job search that you can use to pray so that God can bless you with a job opening you desire and keep bad luck a way.

As you search for a job, pray that God may lead you to a job opportunity meant for you. We have a prayer for you below here.

prayer for job search

Lord of mercy,I know you love me and that is why have come to you through the name of Jesus Christ,having confidence in my heart that you will hear because you have promised so.

My Lord before I heard of Jesus Christ having walking with fear in my life and have met many cases of bad luck,

Have now understood that you care and love me. I want to take this opportunity to resist the devil out of my life because he has no good intentions for me.

I know that Jesus died for me and make me free from the bondage of the devil. I receive the freedom through the name of Jesus and want to thank you right now.

I want to thank you Lord that from today I'm yours through Jesus Christ and I take my already position that you have given me.

Your promises given to me are yes and amen. I believe in them and walk free in life. There will be no more bad luck because I'm all yours and Jesus created a way for me.

Thank you for hearing me through the name of Jesus I  pray.


prayer for job search

Dear heavenly Father,

Through the blood of your son Jesus Christ I want to come before you at this hour thanking you for your mercies and care,

Lord I need your protection from the evil one, he is aggressively attacking my life and bringing in a lot of discouragement.I apply for a job but don't get it, help me Father to get one.

In the name of Jesus I cancel every spirit of bad luck and break every curse through the power of the name of Jesus.

Lord release your fire ,I walk in your obedience knowing that I'm protected in the name of our Lord Jesus.Evil cannot affect me but the Holy Spirit that is within me will uproot and destroy any plan of wickedness against my life and have been set free in the name of our Lord Jesus.Let your angels surround me and minister to me as your word as promised.

Thank you for answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

prayer for job search

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