prayer of thanks for people

Here is the prayer of thanks for people sample that can guide you as you remember all people in the prayers.

Let me thank you for visiting our page as we learn together on how to pray, Our site is all about prayer and we have dedicated all our lives to learn on this subject.

That is why below here we have given you sample prayer to inspire you as you pray and remember others in the prayer.

Look at samples that we have given below here

Prayer is taught and nobody is born knowing how to pray except be taught how to pray, we are taking our time to share to the believers on how to pray.

Actually Jesus urged all the believers to pray without ceasing.

And he further said we ought to pray always without giving up or growing faith.

prayer of thanks for people

Our heavenly Father,we want to thank you for the opportunity granted to us as we come before your throne of mercies with thanksgiving in our heart,praising and glorifying for your love an care.
We want to thank you for the name of Jesus Christ that you have given us, a name that is above all other names that every creature should bow before it, King of kings may your name be lifted up from one generation to another,
Our loving father, we want to thank you for the gift of life that you have given us though your grace that is sufficient in our lives,
You promised that you never leave us nor forsake us,you will go with us as we go out and when we come in, we are very glad from our hearts because you are our God.
Dear Lord, we want to remember all people wherever they are, keep on meeting their needs according to your richness in glory, may your love be upon them always and bless whatever they are doing around the world, we are one body and are your children. we depend on you for our daily food.
Thank you father you hear us and answer our prayers through the name of our Lord Jesus, Amen

prayer of thanks for people

When we remember others in prayer, we are blessed more.Don't forget to pray for others as you pray

It is good whenever we utter a word of prayer we don't forget to remember all people even those we don't know.

Prayer is the key that open the gates of heaven for blessings.

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