prayer to be happy at work

prayer to be happy at work and prayer points to help and guide as you pray to our God in heaven to intervene over your situation.

When you don't have peace and happiness even work will hard to concentrate and even be productive.

If currently you feel unhappy at work and need God to intervene over your sitation then welcome to our page.

We have given you prayer points that can guide and help you along over the issues and God will restore your happiness and start enjoying the work you are doing because that is what God has blessed your hands to do.

Let us not give the devil a chance to bring misfortune upon your life and allow Jesus to reign.

We are praying for you and have the prayer points below to guide and pray as you also pray along

prayer points to help

1. I take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness for not walking according to your will.

2.I command the spirit of bad luck and misfortune that is following me to leave in Jesus name.

3.I ask for the spirit of favor and good fortune that is in Jesus to reign over my life.

4.I distance myself from inherited curses from my for fathers that is making me unhappy at my wok place and cut it by the blood of Jesus.

5.I ask the spirit of happiness and tranquility to dominate my life and ask for a good understanding between me and my boss,also ask a good working relationship with my colleagues here at work.

6.I want to ask for the blood of Jesus to cover this working place to be a conducive place that everyone would wish to work at..

7.May the spirit of favor dominate to each and every one of us who is working in this environment.

8.I thank Jesus for the much blessings that am enjoying while working here.

9.I will praise you Lord forever for delivering me from the bad spirit of luck and setting me free according to the book of Galatians 3:13-14.

10.May your name be lifted up forever and ever and thank you for the promise that if you will be lifted up shall draw many unto you(John 12:32)

prayer to be happy at work

We would to join you in prayer,give us your name and email below here and we shall keep mentioning you in prayer and also send you encouraging verses and messages once in a while.

God bless you as you enjoy the work of your hands

We thank God for the far He has brought us

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