Prayer to bring good fortunes

Below is a prayer to bring good fortunes sample that you can follow and details on how you can go about it

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Our mission is to pray with you as well as give you guidance on how to overcome challenges in life and also get good fortunes in your life.

prayer to bring good fortunes

Dear loving Father, let me thank you in a special way for allowing me to call upon you at this hour, thank you for the door you have opened for me through the name of our Lord Jesus, through that name I want to come before you knowing that you hear me, I want to praise you for your mercies and care, Dear loving Lord I feel that am stuck in this life and don't know what to do, have tried everything but nothing works, I feel bad luck every where I go and it is you only who can save me, I call upon you and as you have promised that if I call upon you, you will hear and show me great and unsearchable things that I don't know, I know that you have a good reason for my existence and am this world to bring glory to you, may you help me to get good fortunes wherever I go in this world, your promise is to make me the head and not the tail, may the promise be so in my life, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

prayer to bring good fortunes

Our loving God is good, we ask you to keep praying because God is more than ready to hear and answer your prayer always.

Never give up praying, because the ear of the Lord is near to you always.

prayer to get fortune

Heavenly Father, I come before you through the name of my Lord Jesus knowing that you hear me always, thank you for the love you have for me in Jesus Christ, at this hour am calling upon you to open doors for me that no man will shut, hold my hands help me to walk according to your will, thank you for your care that you have for me since the creation of the world, I trust in your word always, help me to keep and hid it in my heart, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen

prayer to bring good fortunes

We are praying for you and don't stop praying.

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