prayer to save my marriage

prayer to save my marriage sample? Are you looking for a prayer sample to pray to God to help you and save your marriage from collapsing.

Marriages goes through a lot.

God inspired us to start this prayer ministry for marriages and families so that the power of God can move and remove any obstacles that the devil is laying on the way as couples and families travel a long.

We know that you are experiencing a lot during this period, reason why we are joining you in prayer so that our God who is in heaven will save you from the troubles that you are having.

Prayer will release the power of God over your situation and save you from any trouble you are having.

Below you will have prayer samples that you can join us a long as we pray together for heaven to intervene over your situation.

There is nothing that is too hard for our Lord to give a breakthrough.

Just have faith as we pray with you and make sure you pray a long using the samples that we have provided.

If possible, copy the pray so that you can pray loudly whenever you.

Let us pray together

prayer to save my marriage

This is your prayer that you can pray a long..prayer to save my marriage sample?

My dear loving Father who is in heaven, I come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus, thanking you for giving me this opportunity to call upon you when my heart is heavy and don't know where to start, I have gone through a lot since I was married and so far the marriage is at blink and anything can happen to it, have come before you knowing that you know our situation and are willing to help us out, dear loving God despite our differences, I commit myself and my partner to you, we loved each other from the beginning and even solved to form a marriage together which was solemnized in church under the witness of many people including our parents and so many friends, we were very happy and gave vows that we shall leave together until death do us a part but today we no longer talk to each other and we don't see light at the end, we ask you that you intervene over our situation and help us out. thank you that you are a loving God and will never leave nor forsake us, thank you for the wonderful love that you have for us, help us to focus on you and not on the problems that we are experiencing, we praise and honor you for hearing and answering our prayer in Jesus name we believe and pray.Amen

prayer to save my marriage

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