short prayer before work

Here is the short prayer before work that can help and guide you to begin the day well with the Lord.

How good it is to start the day with prayer and more so when you are at work and want to start the activities of the day.

Before you begin or touch anything, you utter a word of prayer for the protection of the Lord to be with you.

At work place we have all sort of people with different characters and some are used by the devil to bring discouragement to other.

Prayer will help and bring the presence of the Lord in place.

Here are  short prayer before work that you can pray very first to remain in the presence of the Lord.

short prayer before work

Lord of mercy, I come before you at this hour thanking you and praising you for allowing me to be here. Thank you for this work that you blessed my hands to do. I give you honor and glory for your care and love. Thank you for the Holy spirit that is at work as I start the work of the day be with me and bless me abundantly in Jesus name I pray and believe.Amen.

Dear loving Father in heaven

I'm very grateful for leading me this far, thank you for allowing me to be in this office this morning, thank you for all the people you have allowed me to work with including my boss and colleagues, I take this opportunity to intercede on their behalf may we have a good working relationship, thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit that is at work,may your love and peace prevail this working place,I know Lord you have heard me and answered in the might name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

My Lord and savior,what a joy to see this morning,

Have sat this office about to start the activities of the day,I'm glad for the gift of life that you have granted to me. Let thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve others from this workplace, I also know that the devil is not happy and would love to bring dissension and rifts between me and those we are working with,in the name of our Lord Jesus want to praise and glorify you for your presence in this office, protect us and also guide us. thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus.Amen 

The Lord is merciful, keep trusting in Him and all shall be well

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