prayer for restoration

Below are the sample prayer for restoration of job,financed,marriage and so on

Marriage restoration prayer

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, I come before you with thanksgiving in my praising and glorifying you, thank you for the love that you have got me and my partner, I take this precious moments to ask you to come and intervene over marriage, myself and my husband for the last 5 years we are not in good terms ,please you have promised to give peace that surpasses human understanding, come in between us and bring reconciliation, give me a heart that will wait upon the in Jesus name i pray and believe. Amen

Prayer for job restoration 

Heavenly Father, I come before you through the name of Jesus with thanksgiving in my heart, Lord I know you know and what am going through, since I lost my job have really gone through difficulties which is becoming unbearable, I have no food to feed my family and dont know what lies ahead of us, loving Lord I know you care for us and can't leave us a lone, help me with the restoration of my job that I lost it, dear Lord thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name. Amen

prayer for restoration

Prayer of restoration of finances 

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, I want to take this opportunity to thank for allowing me to come before at this hour praising and glorifying for everything you have done to me and my family, heavenly I know you hear us, you know what we are going through, financially we are down and don't know what to do, we see darkness a head of us and you are our only hope, without you we shall do nothing, thank you because in you all our needs are met, we give you honor and glory for answering our prayer in Jesus name we pray and believe. Amen

Oh God, what a joy to come before you at this hour with thanksgiving in my heart knowing that you hear me because of Jesus Christ, dear loving  my life has faced a lot of challenges and don't know what to do, have been well before it talk a nose dive and everything started working against me, I trust that God you will hear me since you have promised that if I call upon you will hear and answer me and show me great and unsearchable things that I don't know, I will continue waiting upon you until I see results,thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name. Amen

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prayer for restoration

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